Do you have an exam, competition, or interview coming up, but worry that your nerves will get the better of you— even when you know you’re well-prepared?

  • Does asking your boss for a promotion or asking someone out make you feel so anxious, you want to shut down— even when you know you’re deserving?
  • Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and make your fears disappear?
  • You can! There IS a “magical” solution. It’s a quick fix— with long term results— and is based in science.

LIMBIC COACHING© — Overcome Your Emotional and Mental Blocks To Become More Resilient, Joyful, and Creative in Life

LIMBIC COACHING© will work for you if you...

  • Are overwhelmed by an issue that you need to address, and no matter how hard you try to stay positive, your confidence abandons you.

  • Prefer to resolve problems without opening up too much of your personal issues to others.

  • Find yourself overcome by emotion in situations where you see no logical reason to feel that way.

  • Have set goals for yourself, but self-image issues and negative beliefs stand in your way.

  • Find it difficult to follow through with resolutions or change unwanted behaviors.

If you’ve faced any of these situations, you may have tried to talk yourself out of your fears and anxieties, only to realize how difficult it is. Only you know how real they are.

Let me assure you this:

Your fears are well-grounded. Since your emotional responses stem from the limbic system, a part of your brain that is not accessible through logic, analytical thinking, or language, it’s impossible to talk yourself out of your emotions.


THIS PART OF YOUR BRAIN CAN BE REACHED THROUGH LIMBIC COACHING©, WHICH UTILIZES THE BRAIN’S MECHANISMS TO PROCESS INFORMATION, STRESS, MEMORY, AND EMOTIONS TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE LIMBIC SYSTEM “IN ITS OWN LANGUAGE”. With muscular and sensory techniques— a muscle-response test, guided eye movements, auditory stimulation, and tapping— LIMBIC COACHING© can identify and neutralize negative triggers from your past and optimize the cooperation between the emotional and logical parts of the brain.

New and recurring problems can be improved, or even resolved, with just a few sessions of…


A LIMBIC COACHING© session must be conducted in person and lasts about two hours.

When we work together, you will discover how to:

  • Free yourself of Unwanted emotional responses, so they no longer block you.
  • Get a handle on the fears you’re facing without deep, psychological analysis.
  • Keep your emotions in check, so you can improve your overall performance at work and in life.
  • Move forward from your fears, phobias, and anxieties while gaining clarity and confidence.

I began working with Panagiota the summer after high school as I prepared for college. I was nervous, thinking about how my new life would be. I felt anxious and confused about letting go of my old friends, leaving behind my family, and in general, moving to a much bigger city. Having little guidance, Ι was a bit scared to meet new people and do things on my own. Then, I had two Limbic Coaching sessions with Panagiota, and I have to say, that I started to see my life in a different and more optimistic way. Panagiota made me feel comfortable and safe and these two short, but powerful, sessions helped me to adjust well to college life.

George Maziotis, Athens, Greece

After our session, you will truly understand what it means to get “unstuck” and conquer situations you have been fearful of, maybe your entire life!

LIMBIC COACHING© is the answer to finally liberating yourself from unwanted emotional responses– in the quickest way possible.

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