Do you want to get out of the rut and gain insight and clarity on these issues, so you can start changing them? 

If so …

Discover A Soulful and Effective Approach to Illuminate the Underlying Dynamics of Even the Most Complicated Situations.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Family relationships are difficult. Despite all the love and good intentions within the family, frustration, anger, guilt and shame are often hijacking the moments with the people closest to your heart.
  • Your work relationships are out of alignment, causing feelings of resentment, anger, or emotional discontent.
  • You have unreasonable fears— related to money, health, success, or the future— for yourself, your partner, your kids, or others you care about.
  • Negative beliefs are holding you back in life and work.
  • You’re alone, despite your desire for a loving relationship.
  • You find yourself repeatedly in the same unhappy situations, not knowing how you got there.

If this is your reality, you may feel discouraged— that it is beyond your control and beyond repair—and that no matter how much you WANT to fix it, you can’t.

Take a deep breath.

You’ve come to the right place, and I’m glad you’re here.

There is a groundbreaking approach called Systemic Constellations that has been successfully used in Europe for decades that can now help you!

Systemic Constellations

Based on the premise that we are all interconnected, Systemic Constellations sheds light on problems by examining our connections within the broader Systems to which we belong, including family, work, and social relationships.

Once the underlying dynamics of an issue are identified, we can consciously shift them to create positive changes not only in ourselves, but in our entire Systems.

Working individually or in groups, in person or remotely by phone, we can utilize Systemic Constellations to set in motion a deep-healing process towards the change you seek.

Call me now for more information about my Systemic Constellations Workshops.

In a Systemic Constellation session you can explore:

  • The big picture of a situation and why it occurs in your System. This new perspective can bring peace, positivity, and more compassion for yourself and others.
  • The hidden aspects of the issue and your involvement in them, so you can start changing your part, now.
  • How to trust your intuition to recognize and resolve conflicts, overcome fears, and make decisions more easily.
  • How to unleash your power and connect with your desires and intentions to make the changes you want.
  • How to open your heart to become more empathetic and trusting.

Most importantly, you will experience how simple shifts in your perception can bring forth miracles in your life!

I experienced Constellations with Panagiota both in group sessions and in a one-on-one. Panagiota has an exquisite ability to “put her finger” on whatever the real blockage is and shift it in a really powerful way. After our individual session, not only was the blockage removed, but other areas of my life also improved considerably.

Nicole, NYC

To join me for Systemic Constellations email me at [email protected]

Please run, don’t walk, when Panagiota offers this transformative experience! Panagiota is a gifted leader who creates safe and intimate spaces for profound healing. Especially if you have a tendency to live in your head, she will create a space safe enough so that you can go straight to your heart. Panagiota, honestly, you worked magic. I swear. And I am such a crusty cynic.

Madelyn H., NYC

If you’d like to learn more about Systemic Constellations, schedule a complimentary session with me now.

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