WELCOME to Metamorphoses!

The Possibility of Change Begins Here!

Change is the only constant in life and, therefore, inevitable. As Heraclitus said, “Panta Rhei.” – “Everything is in the flow.

The world around us is ever-changing and so are we and with that comes fear. We tend to resist Change— even if it is one we deeply desire— because it propels us into uncertainty and the Unknown.

Metamorphoses, the Greek word for Transformations, describes the Art of Change as I define it. It is the safe space we create together to transform your life through conscious change.

As part of this process, we will navigate together through the five fundamentals of change to open new pathways, so you can embrace change, expand your horizons, and gain broader life experiences to live a fuller life!

The Self

Know thyself. Creating conscious change begins with having a keen sense of your Self: who you are, what you want, and where you are going. The Self encompasses both the qualities you have brought into this world and your potential.

Together, we will explore the Inner Aspect of Change— the change within you. It will strengthen your connection with your core and empower your sense of autonomy.

You will learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, free yourself of preconceived notions others have projected onto you, reclaim your power, and allow your own ideas, desires, and intentions to emerge and guide you.

The Other

We have little or no control over what happens outside of ourselves— the Outer Aspect of Change. What ultimately matters is how you meet The Other— the way you respond to people and situations that are outside of your control. These include the relationships you are born into and the ones you create in the flow of your life. Our struggles begin with the friction that comes from meeting the Other.

Together, we will explore the broader Systems to which you belong. By identifying your role within the often hidden interpersonal dynamics at play, you can powerfully and meaningfully shift these forces by changing your position within the System. Through this process, you will learn how to coexist with the Other from a place of self-empowerment and integrity.


With change comes chaos. The outcomes are unclear and unpredictable, not only with the Other, but also within the Self. It may cause us to momentarily lose our clarity and direction and not know what to do.

In Greek mythology, it was Eros, the primordial force of Love and Attraction, who brought order to the initial chaos when the world was formed. In modern times, it is this same force that gives us the courage to endure changes and draws us out of chaos, putting us into our right orbit.

Together, we will work on identifying the Love that surrounds you and the Love within you. You will learn how you can activate the transformative powers of Gratitude, Desire, and Intention to increase your energy, positivity, motivation, and trust.


Living in the Now is not as easy as it sounds. By holding onto the past or chasing the future, we miss out on the chance to live in the present. The role of timing— seizing the opportunity of the moment— is essential for change.

We will work together to free you from your past, plant new seeds for the future, and then journey back to the present, where we stand strongly rooted in the Now. I will train you not to dwell on missed opportunities, but to seek new ones instead. You will learn to recognize when the time is right for Change or how to graciously wait for it.

Tashi NorbuTime Travelers.

The Narrative

The stories we weave allow us to share our experiences with others and give meaning to our lives. How you tell your story to others— and more importantly to yourself— affects the way you feel about your life, the world, and your place in it.

It is easy to fall into the trap of creating negative stories of the past that can weaken and undermine your power and prevent you from exploring the possibilities and strengths of the Now.

Together, we can reveal the “blind spots” in your narrative to help you understand and forgive the past from an empowered perspective. You will learn to create positive storylines with you as the hero of your life and find the silver linings, which are ALWAYS there.

To learn more about how I can guide you on a journey toward the change you seek, schedule a complimentary session with me now. 

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