If you find it difficult to say “no” to things you don’t want, and “yes” to what you actually desire, this is for you!

You absolutely can …

Set Boundaries Effectively, and Experience Autonomy with a Sense of Inner Freedom That Connects You with Yourself and with Those Around You. 

Do you feel …

If so, you may feel that in order to stay close with others, you have to give up or hide who you really are … and that your sense of self (and with it, your joy and self-worth) is gone.

I want you to know that the number one requirement for creating conscious change is to know yourself, and to be ready and willing to stand up for yourself! 

But that’s not easy, when you’ve been conditioned since childhood to believe that you need to please others, adapt to expectations, follow rules set by others, and sacrifice or hide your true self to keep harmony at all cost.

I’ll show you exactly how you can change this conditioning, when you join me for my …

Autonomy Training

Autonomy (derived from the Greek word “autós,” or “Self”) and “nomos,” law) means independence or freedom, as of the will or one‘s actions. In a broader meaning, it is your ability to make decisions and live your life by your own rules.

Based on this belief, Autonomy Training lets you discover how to connect two critical elements essential to all human beings: the need to be close to others, while maintaining your own sense of self. 

This training, which takes place on a one-on-one basis or in group workshops, allows you to reconnect with the part of you that you have forgotten or tossed aside … because your sense of Self cannot exist or be present if there is a lack of autonomy.

Panagiota’s guidance was a gift. During a difficult separation, she helped me see things more clearly and get out of denial and self-pity in an empowering way. She helped me accept the truth that my relationship had ended without losing hope for life or love for myself. I learned to establish boundaries and maintain a safe emotional distance from my ex. She taught me a really simple technique for protecting my boundaries, reclaiming my power and staying connected with myself. I was able to move on, free myself from negative emotions and resentment, and keep my heart open to love again.

Annie M.
I found the session to be effective in releasing emotions which helped me see more clearly how I had let my relationship to my mother, as a child, make me feel I wasn’t good enough in many situations. With this new perspective I have been able to interpret similar events now much more positively. Many thanks!
Matt Checker, Munich, Germany

During our work together, you will:

You’ll learn to welcome your rediscovered Self, reconnect with it in your own space, and protect it. 

You will experience a sense of internal freedom that will heal and enhance all other relationships in your life!

To learn more about how I can guide you on a journey toward the change you seek, schedule a complimentary session with me now.

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