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If you’re thinking of taking a constellation workshop with Panagiota Skandali, then get ready to have your life unfold in positive and joyful ways! I’m going to share with you two profound, life-changing experiences I had during and after a workshop.

In my first constellation as a representative, I experienced, deep within myself, the importance of establishing boundaries in relationships. In the past, people would easily overstep my boundaries and I would quietly accept it. After the constellation, I have the courage to set clear and strong boundaries with my co-workers and family members. This is priceless!

In my personal constellation, I reconnected with my joyful, 12-year-old “inner child”, which I had abandoned. I used to dream of taking belly dancing classes some day. After the constellation, I stopped procrastinating and immediately signed up for belly dancing classes. I also started drawing again, which was one of my favorite pastimes as a child.

I feel more alive and happy now!


Angie N., NYC

Panagiota, more than a facilitator serves as a midwife in the rebirthing of our life stories. She is caring, warm and wise in her command of the space. Her keen intuition, which she uses to interpret the particular relationship/situation brought by each participant to the circle, is outstanding. Her compassion, patience and generosity fuel the Constellation experience, allowing each participant to leave more complete, loved and hopeful.

Jeanette Zaragoza, NYC
Mia Testi

When I stepped into the room, I knew this was going to be a very special constellation. Panagiota has a unique way to put the whole room at ease and made everyone feel special. Her gentle voice, insight, and wisdom resulted in a profound experience. With my constellation, she guided my representatives using intuition that felt true to my situation. It brought new insights to my reality, my behavior, and my personality. I was deeply moved and brought to tears at times. It was in the weeks that followed that I could see the results. However, I was unaware of the results until I had my follow up consultation with her. It was only then I realized that with ease and grace, I had let go of a relationship that was no longer serving me.

Also, I was able to release feeling responsible for my mother’s health and care when she was ill and I was feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. In fact, my sister even told me that I shouldn’t worry and she would take care of things. This was truly amazing as I always feared my sister’s criticism. It was wonderful to get her approval for doing less. Working with Panagiota was a delightful experience and the work of the constellation resulted in a truly life changing experience.

Mia., NYC

What an amazing experience. Even just being a representative in a constellation seminar was so valuable and instructive. It made me realize the power of the stories we create for ourselves and the narratives we engage in.

Since then, situations have come up that made me realize how I was creating a false story! How much my past was affecting my present. I was able to tune into that quickly because of the work we did that day. I am now actively engaging in writing a new story that is rooted in the present. Rooted in knowing my value.

Panagiota was a highly skilled and caring guide and facilitator through the whole process. The experience was tailored to the participant and there was a real feeling of healing and safety that she created in that space.

L. Mattox, NYC

Please run, don’t walk, when Panagiota offers this transformative experience! Panagiota is a gifted leader who creates safe and intimate spaces for profound healing — especially if you have a tendency to live in your head. Her work is gentle and kind and she creates a space safe enough so that you can go straight to your heart. Panagiota, honestly, you worked magic. I swear. And I am such a crusty cynic.

Madelyn H., NYC

I was lucky enough to attend one of Panagiota Skandali’s constellation seminars last year. I went into it not knowing what to expect and was admittedly a little fearful but it turned out to be such an incredibly moving and powerful experience. While I did not have my own constellation done, I participated in those of others and by doing so came to a deeper and more accepting understanding of myself, my own family dynamics and in particular, my mother with whom I had an often complicated and challenging relationship. During another woman’s constellation, the role I played allowed me to see myself through my mother’s eyes and brought me a deeper love and empathy for her.

I credit Panagiota with orchestrating a truly heart-opening moment. She guided the constellations with an exquisitely sensitive, delicate and intuitive hand. Without forcing results, she gently and adeptly facilitated the uncovering of sometimes surprising but always meaningful revelations from each individual involved. She struck the perfect balance between stepping in and drawing out emotions that were buried and needed more “excavation” and standing back and simply letting things flow organically. The environment she nurtured allowed each of us to have our own unique experience – she allowed us to uncover for ourselves hidden truths and connections and to feel safe showing our vulnerability. I would recommend everyone participate in one of her constellations – she truly has a gift to offer!

Amy, Brooklyn, NY

Panagiota is a brilliant, intuitive and wise facilitator. I have had the honor of working with Panagiota face-to-face and over the phone. Her sessions have been extremely insightful and have provided uplifting solutions with results. As a coach, I believe we are works-in-progress and what holds us back is the unconscious work — that is where Panagiota is able to take a dive with you in a safe and respectful way to remove unconscious blind spots and set you free from a stuck area in your life. I would highly recommend Panagiota’s guidance.

Neerja A. Bhatia, Stamford, CT

Since the Constellation workshop, things have been shifting. I wanted to bring art-making back into my life, yet I was having difficulty allowing myself to do that. It is becoming less difficult, feels less blocked.

Following my constellation, I decided to make some major changes to my living space, in order to have a space dedicated to making art. Shortly thereafter, I have received invitations to make or display my artwork! I also resigned from the job I had at the time of the workshop. The job was unfulfilling, physically painful, and an emotionally/psychologically toxic environment. After staying there for almost four years, I finally decided to leave for my own health and wellbeing — and because I deserve better.

I’m grateful that I took a stand for myself, and I feel that I did the right thing. Now, I have more time and energy to focus on moving ahead to a more fulfilling job, and a more fulfilling life in general. Thank you for working with me that day in Princeton. It was very helpful in setting things in motion to change for the better!
Jennie H., Princeton, NJ 

I found the session to be effective in releasing emotions which helped me see more clearly how I had let my relationship to my mother, as a child, make me feel I wasn’t good enough in many situations. With this new perspective I have been able to interpret similar events now much more positively. Many thanks!

Matt Checker, Munich, Germany

Panagiota has an exquisite feel of “putting her finger” on whatever the real blockage is, and shifting it in a really powerful way. After our individual session, not only did she help me remove the blockage pertaining to the issue I brought to our session, but several other areas of my life improved considerably.

Nicole A., NYC

Participating in a Constellation that is lead by Panagiota is truly magical. It is unlike any other exploration into relationships and one’s past that I’ve ever experienced. She has such talent for guiding and uplifting everyone through this unique, powerful process. Whether you seek Panagiota’s services for a constellation or for personal coaching she will offer very helpful insight and guidance. Her ideas and support are truly transformational.

Amy Fronczkiewicz, Brooklyn

I’ve participated in two different constellation workshops with Ms. Skandali. I was surprised to witness how effective this work is. In a safe environment and under Ms. Skandali’s precise guidance, an individual and a group can explore undiscovered territories of the psyche throughout our space-time continuum, bringing clear self-knowledge to the present and consequent healing in the process. In my own experience, this meant to revisit and unplug a couple of behaviors acquired in childhood, as they no longer serve any purpose in the present. Thank you!

Carlos H.P., Princeton, NJ 

Panagiota is an extremely talented people developer, facilitator, spiritual counselor and professional coach. She brings too many strengths to enumerate here. She came highly recommended to me by another coach. Right away, her integrity, wisdom and dedication shine through. She’s able to provide objectivity and unvarnished feedback while remaining compassionate. The practical action steps you leave with inspire lasting results. Panagiota embodies excellence and is a great coach!

Angie Pincin, CEO-Coach People Inc.

Panagiota’s guidance was a gift. During a difficult separation, she helped me see things more clearly and get out of denial and self-pity in an empowering way. She helped me accept the truth that my relationship had ended without losing hope for life or love for myself. I learned to establish boundaries and maintain a safe emotional distance from my ex. She taught me a really simple technique for protecting my boundaries, reclaiming my power and staying connected with myself. I was able to move on, free myself from negative emotions and resentment, and keep my heart open to love again.

Annie M., Athens 

I have taken part in several constellation seminars with Panagiota Skandali. I appreciate Panagiota’s empathy, her expertise, her accuracy, and deep understanding of the human soul. I truly enjoy her humor and energy during the seminars as well. Her seminars heal, and reconnect us with our humanity and our joy of life. Her work and being have been a great support in my life. Also, deeply inspiring for me is resonating with the deepness of the ancient Greek and European culture, which she embodies and exudes.

Sebastian Feicht, Munich, Germany

We really enjoyed the Constellation workshop! It was a very memorable experience and I would certainly participate again. The story and results that emerged were unexpected… and I think Jon and I are closer and happier than ever. Maybe we did have something that we were holding onto/protecting ourselves over and getting complete about that has allowed us to get closer. 
Amalie L., Princeton, NJ

Like an onion, there are many layers to the issues we face in our lives that are worthy of constellations exploration, and revealing them often takes time. I am grateful for Panagiota and her amazing skills that have allowed me to peel away some of these layers.

We first analyzed my situation and determined which protocol to use for my constellation. On our constellation day, Panagiota beautifully held space for each and every one of us. She has the exquisite ability to create a warm caring environment, where everyone feels cared for, seen and heard.

We had a follow up call a couple of weeks later to see how things were unfolding. I felt calm after our talk, knowing that everything was unfolding perfectly with perfect timing. I am grateful for this amazing experience!

Lovelynn G., NYC

panagiota’s constellations are a very special experience, infused with so much care and love.  they altered me.  and then she followed up afterwards, which was invaluable, it helped to integrate it with my life.  i treasure the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. 

JiJi Wind, NYC

I began working with Panagiota the summer after high school as I prepared for college. I was nervous, thinking about how my new life would be. I felt anxious and confused about letting go of my old friends, leaving behind my family, and in general, moving to a much bigger city. Having little guidance, Ι was a bit scared to meet new people and do things on my own. Then, I had two Limbic Coaching sessions with Panagiota, and I have to say, that I started to see my life in a different and more optimistic way. Panagiota made me feel comfortable and safe and these two short, but powerful, sessions helped me to adjust well to college life.

George Maziotis, Athens, Greece

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